Bird Toy Safety

Bird Toy Safety

We all treat our pet birds as though they are our children. We cuddle them, coddle them, play with them, and buy them treats and toys. We all want the best for our fids (feathered kids) so we spoil them immensely. We love our birds and always put safety first, right?
African Grey Bird Toy
Well unfortunately some big box retailers, and even a lot of online sellers feel the same way about money. They have no problems selling you toys for your birds. They don’t consider the safety factor at all, as long as there are parronts (parrot parents) who aren’t aware of the safty issues to buy them, they will sell them. That’s why we started Talon Toys. We were sick and tired of seeing nothing but high priced, low quality, unsafe bird toys. 
Keep in mind, nothing is 100 percent safe, you need to be educated about your bird and their safety. You have to pay attention so that you only buy toys appropriate for your birds size and needs. You wouldn’t buy your 4 year old child an electric saw to play with, would you? Nor would you buy your 16 year old teenager a pacifier. If you buy your pet macaw a toy made for a parakeet, there’s a good chance of that toy causing a choking hazard due to the smaller parts. At the very least, it would be a huge waste of money because your macaw will have a parakeet toy demolished in about 2 minutes. 
Macaw with Bird Toy
A lot of big box and online toys are made with cheap parts in order to maximize profits. Are those wood pieces made from bird safe wood? Are they colored with food grade food coloring or lead filled stain?
Is the chain or rope that holds it together made from stainless steel and 100 percent natural, short fiber rope? Or is it made with zinc and yarn? Are the chain links welded or are they open, unwelded link chain that could cause injury to your birds toes and beak?
What about the hanger? Does your bird’s toy hang from a stainless steel quick link or safe plastic link, or is it a less expensive zinc plated link, spring link, or key ring?
These are all things that we have seen at the big box and online retailers. We refuse to put our bird’s safety at risk just so that some big company can make a bigger profit.
Bird toy injury
We started Talon Toys with one mission, to provide the safest toys as possible for your fids, at a reasonable price. All of our toys are tested on our own flock, wich includes an african grey, a cockatoo, a macaw, a love bird, and a parakeet , before they are approved for sale. If they don’t hold up to our birds, they don’t get sold to yours, period.
Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or need advice on what types of toys would be best for your birds, feel free to send us a message from our contact page or reach out to us on our Instagram or facebook pages.
Handcrafted Bird Safe Bird Toys

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