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A Great Read That I Found

As a multiple parrot rescuer, I know first hand the difference that rescuing a parrot makes not only in my life, but in the life of an abused and neglected bird. I can go on an on all day about how rescuing parrots makes me feel, but have you ever wondered how the parrot views it? I came across a great story written by a man named Bob Kaegi. He has a great website and blog at squawkingmacaw.wordpress.com. I  hope he doesn't mind me sharing his story, View From The Rescued. View from the Rescued  Today I entered the world. I was...

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Bird Toy Safety

Bird Toy Safety We all treat our pet birds as though they are our children. We cuddle them, coddle them, play with them, and buy them treats and toys. We all want the best for our fids (feathered kids) so we spoil them immensely. We love our birds and always put safety first, right? Well unfortunately some big box retailers, and even a lot of online sellers feel the same way about money. They have no problems selling you toys for your birds. They don’t consider the safety factor at all, as long as there are parronts (parrot parents) who...

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