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With Bird Toys, Size Really Does Matter

At Talon Toys we categorize our toy sizes into four main groups, Small, medium large, and extra-large. This is pretty much an industry standard and helps to easily identify appropriate toy sizes for your birds. Toy size is very important. If the toy is too small, it could pose a choking risk for your bird. It will also be easily destroyed in a matter of minutes, leaving him or her with a sense of dissatisfaction and you with an empty pocket book. If the toy is too big, it can pose an entanglement hazard for smaller birds. Although it is...

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    There are basically two different sides to the pet parrot wing clipping controversy. The Clippers believe that any bird that is not wild should have its wings clipped. The Un-Clippers believe that clipping a birds wings is unnatural and should not be done. They both have very valid points that leave some people confused about whether or not they should clip their bird’s wings.     The Clippers argue that a captive bird needs to have their wings clipped for safety reasons. While a captive bird is considered a wild animal, they are not accustomed to the wild and...

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A Great Read That I Found

As a multiple parrot rescuer, I know first hand the difference that rescuing a parrot makes not only in my life, but in the life of an abused and neglected bird. I can go on an on all day about how rescuing parrots makes me feel, but have you ever wondered how the parrot views it? I came across a great story written by a man named Bob Kaegi. He has a great website and blog at squawkingmacaw.wordpress.com. I  hope he doesn't mind me sharing his story, View From The Rescued. View from the Rescued  Today I entered the world. I was...

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